• Why are your prices for HGH online lower than the competition?

We buy product directly from the supplier, we are wholesale distributor. HGH online FOR SALE

We have a large turnover and due to this we can keep costs so low.

Yes, it is totally safe. We provide all branded medications direct from manufacturers.

  • What about transaction safety?

We use PayPal transaction facility with all trusted payment services. Our transactions are secured by SSL security.

  • Is there any refund policy?

Yes, we provide 180 days money back policy if goods are undelivered.

  • Do you provide free shipping?

At HGHFITSTORE.COM you can avail free Airmail shipping service. You don’t need to pay any charges for shipping. You just need to pay charge of medicines not shipping cost is added.

  • Any hidden charges?

Our pharmacy never charges any hidden amount to our customer. We work on purchase once and stay for lifetime with our customers.

  • What are the operation timings?

We are here for you 24*7. You can place an order anytime and you will get immediate response from our sales manager.

  • What if I didn’t get my shipping ( lost on a post office or returned on a сustoms)?

This is highly impossible but in case such situation occurs we will reship the order or refund you the cost paid.

  • How to track the order?

You will receive e-mail with the track number and instructions. Also you can easily find your track number in PayPal.

  • What are the packaging precautions?

We ship an order with discrete packaging so only address of the recipient and return address will be available on shipment.

What other benefits do you provide to customers?

1. We have all time running discounts;

2. Free and fast shipping worldwide (Airmail);

3. Discrete packaging;

4. Returning customers benefit for our customers;

5. The original product;

6. Low price;

7. Constant communication with the customer;

8. High-quality packaging, so that your order arrives in the best condition.

If you still have questions on where you can get HGH online contact us, please!