How to Get Prescription for HGH From Your Doctor

Why HGH is So Important to Aging Adults? 

Firstly, human growth hormone therapy, or HGH therapy, is a hormone treatment that uses peptides to stimulate growth, cell reproduction and cell regeneration1. Get prescription for hgh online overnight 

As we age and grow older, our bodies naturally produce less growth hormone, causing bodily functions to decline in effectiveness over time.  

Secondly, optimized levels of human growth hormone change a person’s life for the better, which is why doctors prescribe HGH online as an effective tool for regulating body composition, fat metabolism, muscle and bone growth, insulin resistance, and even improving heart function2 

What is an HGH Prescription?

GH is commonly prescribed for children and adults who have been diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and other conditions that cause short stature or “stunted growth.” HGH is also prescribed for adults who may be suffering from side effects related to low levels of HGH such as low energy, low sexual libido, weight gain, and mood swings.
HGH prescriptions are administered as injections at a doctor’s office, health care clinic, or in the privacy of your home. These products may also be dangerous and contain additives and harmful ingredients that put your health at risk.

HGH prescription medications are available under a variety of brand names that contain the active ingredient somatotropin, which is the scientific name for growth hormone. Some of the most common brand names for hGH prescriptions include:

  • Genotropin
  • Omnitrope
  • Norditropin
  • Humatrope
  • Saizen

The Many Benefits of Prescription Growth Hormone

All of these formulas are injections, but they vary in dose, cost, and method of preparation and use. For instance, some HGH prescriptions involve the use of traditional medical syringes, while others come in disposable injection pens that already contain the proper dosage amount. Your doctor will determine the right HGH prescription for you based on your personal preference, lifestyle, and health needs.


What are the Benefits of an HGH Prescription?

HGH injections are available at HGHFITSTORE as a hormone therapy for adults. An HGH prescription offers a range of benefits that help adults restore vitality and energy, as well as improve or reverse certain health conditions related to aging.

An HGH prescription can:

  • Help you increase lean muscle mass while burning higher amounts of fat
  • Increase your energy levels and vitality
  • Help you sleep more deeply and restfully through the night
  • Improve your cognition and combat age-related cognitive decline
  • Increase your sexual libido and enhance sexual performance

In conclusion, if you are feeling sluggish, mentally cloudy, or are experiencing difficulty with losing excess weight, consult with one of our Wellness Advisors at HGHFITSTORE about how an HGH prescription can benefit you.


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